Take A Break



Let’s go!

We gonna mix up the place and tear it up inside!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Right about now it’s the mic wrecker
2 Beat 2 Rhyme
2 Time Checker
2 Time Darker
2 Blow The Speaker
Dangerous to bring the creeper
Rollin’ with the mic provider
I’m the real rhytm rider!
Damage from the infiltrator!
Take a break, I’ll see you later! Yes!


When I’m on the mic best realize
As I exercise my vocal surprise
Force you’ll never get with the bass inject
To make your body sweat, I got the rap
As a lyrical master banging straight out of your
Stereo blaster, faster and faster
We stick with the place
Ravers watchout
Don’t screw up ya face
And take a break now!

Get Up! Yeah!


Slow down for one more time!

Get Up!

Alright everybody!
See ya in the minute!

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